On Thursday 28th September Argon & Co celebrated the one-year anniversary of Connect, its strategy and transformation community. We were pleased to host over 30 senior leaders from various industries and sectors, with whom we discussed the best way of building insightful, resilient strategies in a world of volatile ambiguity.

In a wide-ranging and fascinating speech our guest speaker, Paddy Ogilvy, Head of Protective Intelligence at Swiss Re, took us on a compelling tour of some of the most pressing strategic factors and themes driving challenges, risks and threats in today’s global environment. From the disruptive impact of the war in Ukraine, to the challenges presented to the West from China, covering also the risks of climate change, as well as the opportunities and threats posed by the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence.

All-in-all not a session for the faint-hearted, and one which prompted some searching questions and reflections amongst the audience. A huge thank you to all who joined us for making this event so memorable and enjoyable, even when discussing difficult challenges.


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