Last week we attended the ProcureCon conference in Barcelona, Spain. ProcureCon is the flagship procurement attended by Europe’s biggest procurement leaders, there were many great speakers at the conference, our key takeaways from the conference centred on:

    • The journey towards digital maturity in procurement is an ongoing process. Embracing innovative technologies not only streamlines operations but also empowers data-driven decision-making. It’s clear that gen AI is at the forefront of conversations, transforming how we approach challenges in procurement.
    • The discussions reaffirmed the significance of ESG in fostering sustainable and ethical procurement practices. A robust ESG strategy is not just about compliance, but about creating long-term value for stakeholders.
    • A prominent takeaway from the conference was how important it is for procurement to enhance its value statement. By translating its contributions into language that resonates with the broader business community, we can not only bridge understanding but also align procurement endeavours with larger business goals, showcasing the strategic role procurement plays in driving operational excellence.
    • Procurement still needs to work on communicating its value by translating it into a language that resonates with the wider business
    • Cost transformation and optimisation rising to the forefront (again) as a key enabler for EPS growth

Head of Data strategy UK, Bryan Johnson led a workshop on how to unleash procurement’s potential through data. We were delighted to see a room full of attendees who enthusiastically engaged in the discussion, with a live demonstration of how procurement leaders can take control of their data destinies. If anyone would like to discuss this further, please contact our team.



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