Last week our UK Planning team attended the Gartner Planning Summit in London, an exclusive conference for supply chain planning leaders to network and explore emerging supply chain trends.

There were many great speakers and topics at the event, with just some key takeaways around:

  1. Embracing people-centric planning: The concept of embracing the shift in the role of supply chain planners through creating personalised job descriptions based upon individual’s strengths and preferences
  1. Synergising human and AI interaction: The strategic integration of Generative AI to replace some, but not all, tasks and enhance human decision-making; with a focus on the need to empower skilled planners to determine when to leverage GenAI for data analysis and when to rely on human judgment for creating customer-centric inputs
  1. Adopting explainable and probabilistic planning: Shifting away from ‘black box’/overly complex single numerical forecasts, encouraging planners to embrace a more flexible approach, with the advocacy of the use of ranges and probabilities for decision-making. This, alongside explainable forecasts to all key stakeholder groups, will enable more effective business planning

To celebrate the Gartner Planning Summit, Argon & Co hosted a networking dinner with clients from various industries. It was an evening of sharing stories and thought-provoking insight on the future of supply chain planning.

The evening consisted of lively discussions where guests shared their perspectives on various hot topics raised during the Summit, and how these issues and trends have affected their company, such as:

  • The role of the future supply chain planner, including thoughts on how to drive people-centric planning
  • The impact of AI on supply chain planning, and how to integrate it into ways of working
  • Getting the basics right, among all the changes and disruptions, how can we build on supply chain planning fundamentals to remain resilient in the face of uncertainty

If you would like to find out more, please contact our team.

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