In June our Transformation team attended the Business Change and Transformation Conference hosted by Global Insights Conferences, which brought together a whole host of Transformation and Business leaders to discuss key trends. Without a doubt, the past few years has presented business leaders with unprecedented challenges across the board. The key themes emerging from these discussions centred on how to prepare for and overcome these challenges.

Many speakers reflected on the current challenges that society is facing, and how this can be used to unite organisations around a common purpose to galvanise them towards making a positive impact.

Throughout the event, there was a noticeable focus on employee engagement and ensuring that business leaders firstly understood what the organisation truly wants (through intentional and open two-way communication) and then create compelling interventions to support in delivering this to the organisation.

Another key takeaway from the conference, is that we may need to move away from the concept of full organisational culture, and adopt a more ‘microculture’ approach, where subsets of the organisation may demonstrate their own cultural norms, whilst still aligning to the broader culture of this business.

Speakers shared experiences around challenges to recruit the right talent, high staff attrition and the ever increasing internal training needs to build capabilities. To retain talent, organisations need to double down on their employee experience efforts, of which development, recognition and purpose are key considerations. Innovative methods may be needed to support in building the capability gap created through transformation and hot talent market, including partnering with third parties and prioritising internal capability building programmes.

Covid-19 was a common topic, as was the impact this has had on workplace norms. Experiences ranging from office redesign to make the most out of hybrid working practices, to moving to a fully remote head office were also shared. However, the physical change is the easy bit, now the challenge really starts to engage the organisation remotely and ensure that meaningful connections between employees are still developed.

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