In November, our Strategy and Transformation team attended the Driving Organisational Change for People Leaders conference, hosted by Global Insights Conferences. The event united Transformation and Business leaders, focusing on the complexities of driving organisational change.

Embracing neuroscience

A key insight from the conference was the importance of understanding behavioural change and neuroscience in motivating new work practices. Delegates highlighted crucial questions like ‘what’s in it for me?’, ‘what’s in it for others?’ and ‘what do they really think?’ to foster a deeper understanding of the human aspect in change management, essential for successful transformation.

Technology as the workplace

The conference advocated a paradigm shift, viewing technology as an integral part of the workplace. It emphasised technology’s positive role, with stakeholder engagement and clear guidelines being vital for its adoption. The importance of data as a leadership language in this digital age was also a focal point.

The Great Return

The ongoing discourse on hybrid working led to discussions about redefining the office as a destination rather than a daily requirement. The concept of the ‘great return’, with employers mandating in-office work, was examined. Strategies for offering flexibility to roles that typically require an onsite presence, such as in a factory or on a retail shop floor, were explored and creative solutions shared so that no one work group feels disadvantaged.

Telling the story

Communication’s role in change and engagement was a recurring theme. Delegates stressed the need for clear, transparent language, moving away from technical jargon. The use of organisational storytelling to explain the rationale behind changes was seen as critical to inspire collective commitment.

People remain the priority

A central theme was that organisational change revolves around people, with 85% of organisational value attributed to intangibles. The conference addressed labour, skills, and talent shortages, underscoring the need to enhance the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to attract and retain talent. The role of employees as change catalysts was recognised, highlighting the impact of a well-defined EVP on organisational resilience.

The conference provided rich insights into behavioural science, technology integration, hybrid working and communication, offering guidance for leaders to build adaptive, engaged teams in a changing organisational landscape.

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