Many traditional FMCG companies are struggling to adapt and succeed in this increasingly complex and dynamic world. FMCG is well known for its reactive problem solving and near-term responsiveness, but few have emerged from the recent global supply chain challenges without a recognition that they can be better prepared, more resilient, efficient, and agile in responding to disruption.

Supply Chain planning needs to switch gears. A genuinely cross-functional set of processes and way of working that can sense and respond to uncertainties and challenges is required. Uniting behind a set of decisions maximising opportunity and mitigating risk whilst balancing sales revenue, cost control, service levels, capacity constraints and working capital objectives is what S&OP is all about. However, a plan doesn’t need to be fixed, it needs to be able to adapt and inform the best course of action available, providing visibility and orchestration of the end-to-end supply chain.

Getting your S&OP process mature and agile enough requires a focus on building a robust yet flexible planning operating model providing your people with the ability to leverage great processes and enhanced digital capability. Self-generating demand, self-adjusting supply with control tower oversight and human augmented decision making is here. Jump in and embrace digital transformation of your S&OP process to unlock enhanced plans, resilience, efficiency, and agility.

If you’re concerned about the impact from the recent global supply chain challenges and disruptions, or would like to gain further insights from the Argon & Co ANZ team on how to be better prepared moving forward, please feel free to contact us on the email below.

Chris Foord

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