Data is critical to Procurements role as a strategic pillar within business. To leverage data sufficiently, implementing a robust data strategy is key and can unlock an array of compelling benefits, which can be supported with real-world success stories.

Benefits of a data-driven procurement strategy

Improved decision-making

Decisions in procurement are no longer a game of chance or gut instincts. With a solid data strategy, procurement teams can make better-informed decisions that are reliable, consistent, and directly aligned to the organisation’s strategic goals. By leveraging data, procurement leaders can identify trends, anticipate changes, and make proactive decisions that drive efficiency and profitability.

Enhanced supplier management

A well-implemented data strategy can transform supplier management in procurement. For instance, rich data insights into supplier performance, delivery times, and fulfilment rates can offer a clear understanding of supplier reliability. This data-driven approach to supplier management can shape negotiation outcomes, foster robust supplier relationships, and ultimately ensure a supply chain that delivers consistently on quality, cost, and time.

Cost control and efficiency

Strategic data analysis is the key to unlocking avenues for cost savings and efficiency in procurement processes. By conducting a thorough spend analysis, procurement teams can pinpoint areas of overspending, identify cost-saving opportunities, and eliminate wastage.


Incorporating a data strategy can also aid in promoting and achieving sustainability goals. With the push towards implementing science-based targets, reliable data is key to both track progress and identify partners who demonstrate a commitment to sustainable operations. It enables organisations to align their supply chain with their corporate social responsibility goals, driving ethical, environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions. This not only contributes to global sustainability efforts, but also enhances the company’s reputation as a socially responsible entity.

Case Studies – Data Strategy Bringing Tangible Results

To put these benefits into perspective, let’s look at some real-world examples.

Case study 1: A world leading outsourced services company

Partnering with Argon & Co, our client achieved a transformative view of their European spend and supply landscape across 9 countries using a new global category taxonomy.

Key functional enablers were reviewed to identify quick wins and category opportunities, leading to a roadmap for Procurement transformation in Europe.

This two-workstream programme identified 8 figure opportunities spanning front-office, global agreement expansion and tail-spend management.

This success story demonstrates how a strategic data approach in procurement can yield significant savings and efficiencies.

Case study 2: A market leading manufacturing company

Lacking access to high-quality spend data, Argon & Co developed a dashboard-based spend cube, providing the client with a comprehensive view of their expenditure for three key direct categories, enabling the development of category strategies.

A six-pronged approach was devised, covering both tactical and strategic levers, to deliver cost optimisation. The implementation strategy was prioritised based on three significant factors: ease of implementation, time, and estimated savings.

Harnessing the powerful insights, spend with high value SKUs was decreased by up to 50% just two months into the project.

This case encapsulates how data-led interventions, coupled with strategic planning, can transform procurement processes, drive efficiency and deliver rapid savings.


These case studies underscore the transformative potential of a well-implemented data strategy in procurement. They serve as a testament to the powerful role that data can play in enhancing procurement processes, driving cost efficiencies, and boosting overall business performance.

The adoption of a data strategy in procurement is not just a trend, but a strategic necessity. Its benefits are plentiful and the real-world success stories, convincing. It’s time to embrace a data-driven approach and unlock the full potential of your procurement function.


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