I have been doing WMS selection projects and watching the WMS space for almost 30 years. Alas it is like watching the grass grow. Change happens slowly.

However, I just got a copy of our internal 2017 review of the WMS marketplace. If you are about to buy a new Tier 1 WMS, I urge you to pause for a moment. If you are about to upgrade an existing Tier 1 WMS, slow down and read the following paragraphs.

Why wait? I genuinely feel some new, important options have emerged that few are aware of and most should probably investigate – especially if you are a larger company. These will likely surprise you. They surprised me for reasons I didn’t expect.

What’s new and worth looking at?

Crimson & Co just completed our annual research into the capabilities of the WMS / WES vendor community of 2017. What we thought was going to be a run-of-the-mill marketing piece, ha s delivered some startling observations about your choices. These insights gleaned from actual customers are especially important to those of you at larger companies with mechanized sites, multiple sites or multi-channel operations.

Historically vertical specialization dictated who you would use as a warehouse software provider. But that may not be as important now. Two new architectural innovations have changed the game:

1 – the rise of “personalized systems” which allow you to close functional gaps very quickly and continue to innovate on your own after installation AND

2 – the advent of systems premised on “real-time labor balancing,” i.e. features that direct your workforce and order flow using advanced math in a way that exceeds the aptitude of your own management team – finally you can buy a WMS that really “manages” your DC!

If you just scratched your head and muttered, “What is he talking about?” then I am not surprised because this is all new and no one is generally talking about it… but we are. We have scheduled an invitation only discussion of our research on October 4th at 12 noon EST. If you would like to attend, send Cris Maddox an email at cris.maddox@crimsonandco.com and we will send you an invite to join the webinar.

Steve Mulaik

Partner, Argon & Co US


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