Digitisation and interconnected systems make for rapid change and volatile, uncertain manufacturing environments. Instability may feel inevitable, but we see this change as opportunity for growth, something that we can harness for the betterment of the manufacturing industry. Finding synergies between innovation and operator experience will be key to success.

 The change inherent in industry 4.0

Digitisation and big data mean systems are all connected, and thus system changes are happening faster than we can learn, leaving us in a complex, volatile and uncertain world.

The manufacturing industry needs to find a way to manage and navigate this new world. Within a factory, laws of chemistry and physics are unchanged, but the way we interact with process has changed. Access to huge volumes of information can help us to unlock the magic that will improve your processes, leading to higher yields, greater productivity, and more stable processes. To do this we need a blend of operator experience and innovative thinking to unlock the value of new ways of working, this means successfully navigating the change journey for the organisation.

Continuous improvement isn’t enough today, we need to make a quantum leap of improvement ensuring that organisations’ and customers’ needs are met. It’s about re-considering the question regularly; in a fast-changing supply chain world, what was right even 12 months ago may no longer be the correct answer.

Systems are changing rapidly, and naturally this poses new challenges, but is also provides new opportunities to become bigger and better. Innovation will be key, but we will still rely on operator experience to maximise the value of new processes. Building on existing strengths, and combining these with big picture thinking, manufacturers can take a quantum leap towards this bright future.

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Greg Kinsey


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