Outside M&A and product innovation, the only vehicle to achieve competitive advantage in a recession is supply chain excellence. To move into a leadership position and trigger sustained market performance when recovery comes, companies must ensure they have best-in-class alignment of their supply chain, marketing and product strategies. In this context we consider:

  • How better to align your product and marketing strategies with your supply chain
  • The current economic climate. What options do companies have? Why do some companies thrive in this period?
  • Demand driven supply chain strategy. What is it? How is it different? What are its benefits?
  • Getting started. How to begin the transformation to a demand driven strategy
  • Enabling the process. Implications for organisational design, performance measurement and information systems

In order to give best practice advice, Nick Miller, Principal, Crimson & Co has produced the following:

Achieving Competitive Advantage: Aligning Product, Marketing & Supply Strategies
(PDF Document – 109kb)

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