The ability to transform is essential in today’s world of constant change. At Argon & Co, we help our clients transform their operations, and we have been doing so globally for two decades.

In September 2021, we launched our Transformation Trends survey, inviting our clients to share their experiences and thoughts on the key elements that enable transformations to succeed.

From the results gathered so far, trends are starting to emerge that challenge conventional thinking. For example, does the infamous statistic that 70% of transformations fail still hold true?

Based on our survey results to date, 60% of respondents highlighted that their transformations have been successful most of the time. What has driven this change? Have businesses built the capability and mindset to navigate the transformation journey successfully? Has the management of transformation fundamentally evolved? How is ‘success’ defined and measured?

To further our insights, we would like to invite those who have been or are going through a transformation to complete our survey. Early respondents will gain access to the outputs and analysis and the opportunity to join follow-up discussions with other industry leaders based on the findings.

Please submit the survey by January 28, 2022.

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