scprime® is Argon & Co’s powerful improvement approach, combining process and people capabilities to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs, consistently doing the right things.

scprime® is Argon & Co’s powerful improvement approach, combining process and people capabilities to ensure that the right people are in the right jobs, consistently doing the right things.

Based on benchmarking, an objective assessment of capability and a toolkit of implementation techniques, it defines supply chain excellence in terms that are meaningful to each specific organization and ensures that improvements are sustainable. It is how it is applied that sets scprime® apart, enabling companies to dramatically improve supply chain capabilities and significantly reduce cost.

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scprime® benefits

scprime® drives a focused and effective improvement program, hard-wired to strategy and objectives.

It is the result of decades of practical experience, achieving long term improvements in companies in over 30 countries on five continents by identifying supply chain excellence in terms that are meaningful to each specific organisation.  It has been proven to achieve a step-change in performance, with long term improvements already seen in over 20 countries on five continents, by aligning supply chain strategy with business strategy. Benefits are significant: operating costs are often reduced by 15-20% and working capital by 10-15%; responsiveness and service levels are improved and are more consistent, allowing greater innovation and driving increased sales; staff is developed according to the specific needs of the role, focusing on capabilities rather than job descriptions so they are equipped to carry out what is expected of them.

The focus of scprime® is to drive improvement rather than simply provide scores on a scale of excellence. scprime® impacts a business in two stages:

  • Functional improvement – getting better at making, moving and buying, for example
  • Cross-functional improvement – developing more effective planning and other business-wide processes

The potential supply chain benefits are considerable, especially in multinational businesses.

Balance Sheet

saving due to load fill optimisation


saving due to 3PL contracts/productivity management


less waste due to lean manufacturing


increase in productivity due to reduced downtime


reduction in packaging price due to implementation of best practice procurement procedures


reduction in finished goods stock


saving due to less crisis management and process chasing


reduction in waste due to less disruption and better run strategies


reduction in packaging price due to VMI and flow optimisation


lower working capital (raw materials)


higher return on capital employed (ROCE)


lower working capital (finished goods)


lower raw materials cost


lower indirect materials cost


lower manufacturing costs


lower supply chain costs


lower distribution costs


increase in sales

process capabilities
people capabilities

scprime® process capabilities

The scprime® process capability framework is based on a set of process definitions which give a comprehensive view of best practice across the supply chain, enabling benchmarking to take place and improvements to be generated.

The structure is modular so that it can be easily applied different entities. There are a number of profiles within each functional area and a particular organisation or business unit can assemble the appropriate profiles to reflect its own functions.

scprime® people capabilities

The scprime® people capability framework is based around a set of profiles that describe the specific capabilities required to deliver best practice within each functional area of the supply chain.

Whether an organization’s plans are focused on growth, rationalization, acquisition, integration or just simply improving business as usual, the framework identifies whether the existing team has the capability to deliver those plans, and if not, where the gaps are. The structure is modular allowing businesses to select appropriate profiles for their specific needs.

scprime® can be used in various ways to support different business needs:

  • A quick assessment of operations against cross-industry best practice. Rapid, one-off improvement actions can then be put in place
  • Customised to a company’s needs to form the basis of a long term improvement programme
  • Where specific problem areas are known, the appropriate profiles can be used to understand the causes of the problems and how to resolve them
  • Where operations are being merged, the profiles can be used to identify differences between ways of working and what is required to standardise and raise both parties to the same level of performance
  • For large systems implementations the profiles can be used to understand how different parts of a business really operate, and to standardise and raise process standards to enable the implementation

The scprime® people capability framework supports a variety of specific business needs

  • It can be used to identify the target capabilities needed to deliver the strategy (or implement improvement programs) and determine any gaps that currently exist
  • It can be used to drive consistency of skills across a number of global regions and improve role profiles
  • It can be used as part of an annual assessment process to determine individual development needs and training requirements

Also to:

  • Identify the right people for the right jobs
  • Ensure there is a sustainable balance of skills across teams/functions
  • Benchmark skill levels against industry standards and/or internal improvement metrics
  • Tightly specify capabilities & skillsets required in new recruits

Client testimonials

“The scprime® approach was highly effective in providing us with a deep and wide assessment of our supply chain process, identifying substantial benefits, and underpinning our supply chain transformation strategy development and implementation.”

Andrew Hopkins
Group Packaging & Supply Chair Director
William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd

“The principles behind scprime® are simple - getting step-change improvement in your supply chain to support your business strategy. This book is a starting point on this journey.”

Professor Jan Godsell
Operations & Supply Chain Strategy
University of Warwick

“Argon & Co’s framework was invaluable in helping to identify the strengths and weaknesses of supply chain processes across the group for our global and regional brands. scprime® enabled a rapid assessment of process maturity, action planning prioritisation and redefinition of the commerical and supply functions around our new business operating model.”

John Burdett
VP Global Operations Planning
TATA Global Beverages

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