Argon & Co’s ability to help its major clients in their procurement and competitiveness transformation programmes has been strengthened in scale through the opening of new offices in São Paulo, Riyadh, Hong Kong, and new consultancies joining in Sydney and Auckland. This built on the procurement expertise growth in 2021, when Ayming’s specialist procurement consulting team joined Argon & Co London, as well as the opening of the Chicago office which significantly expanded its procurement services in the US.

Today, Argon & Co has over 500 consultants in 16 locations spanning Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australasia, and America, a significant number of which bring strong procurement expertise. The consultancy is a leader in sustainable procurement and competitiveness transformation, helping clients generate real change and deliver lasting results.

Aldric Vignon, Partner at Argon & Co Paris, commented, “Our clients expect our teams to be closer to supplier ecosystems and to be able to deploy worldwide procurement competitiveness programs with the same ambition. Faced with the challenges of inflation and supply chain disruptions, our teams in the various offices provide a detailed understanding of local dynamics in terms of both risks and opportunities.”

Thad Taylor, Partner at Argon & Co Chicago, confirmed, “Procurement is a fundamental driver of performance, particularly to support the relocation of certain industries. The current context is changing the game, and our clients have begun the process of profoundly rethinking the location of their supplier portfolio, which requires a global approach.”

John Thorpe, Partner at Argon & Co London, added, “It is exciting to be part of a consultancy that is truly global in its approach to procurement transformation. We are working together, globally providing solutions around both inflation, supply chain risks and the preservation of operating margins.”

Yvan Salamon, CEO of Argon & Co, recalled, “Argon & Co’s growth strategy aims to increase our capacity to follow our clients in all the markets where they operate. Procurement is a fundamental part of the sustainable performance of our clients’ operations. Our teams provide a global and holistic vision of operations and have strong expertise in supplier management.”

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