As businesses continue to transition to a more sustainable model, it will be critical to engage with and build the internal capacity of employees and leaders to understand why it is important and what they will need to do differently.

In this webinar, we will present The Blue Connection, the world’s number one business game on circular economy, which has been chosen as one of the 39 key solutions to catalyse the transition to a circular economy. The Blue Connection is a powerful tool for interactively training people on how to transition from linear to circular business and value chains. A proper training session can last anywhere from half a day to two days, so don’t expect a complete learning experience in this session, but rather an opportunity to assess whether it could benefit your company.

Noah Schaul, the Director of Corporate Training at Inchainge, will be one of our guest speakers. Noah, who is originally from Luxembourg, has a background in sustainable business and has delivered circularity and sustainability training sessions to organisations such as BSH, Teijin Aramid, and various business schools.

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