Stable Ops™ is an operating system for production that drives strict control of variation, from both a technical and leadership perspective. The resulting low level of variation enables production staff to focus their time on improvement, specifically increased asset utilisation (capacity) and production output (quality), rather than constantly firefighting the effects of an unstable operation.

In May Argon & Co hosted a virtual roundtable event to discuss Stable Ops™ and the success Cargill have enjoyed through implementing Stable Ops™ as their production operating system.

Case study speaker Klaas Hidde Kuipers, Operations Director for Chocolate at Cargill, shared his experience of Stable Ops™ with the group, and engaged in a lively discussion about how it could be applied and bring value to participants’ businesses.

Key topics of discussion included:

  • The implementation of Stable Ops™ as the default manufacturing operating system at Cargill
  • Embedding Stable Ops™ as part of the working culture
  • Improvements seen as a result of the implementation of Stable Ops™ at Cargil which include reducing sub-optimal production days and increased quality, safety and yield
  • How additional benefits have been seen across the organisation due to using data, clearly defined targets, and role modelling behaviours leading to deployment of a data driven leadership model and creation of a culture of continuous learning and improvement

See below to watch the full roundtable.

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