The team is driving towards commissioning and acceptance of your solutions, including equipment, controls, systems, and planning tools in a real-world context. Your program leader organizes the implementation activities into a specific logistics program management office (PMO) methodology. A governance structure is established with relevant senior management and possible outside expertise. Key stakeholders are kept informed of each phase of the implementation process to assure clear communication and to allow for adjustments to be made in-process—without jeopardizing deadlines or budgets.

To achieve the expected results, internal ownership is established early and with clear accountability. In parallel to the delivery of any external solutions, internal resources are preparing for the internal transformation to the future state, or what we call the ‘client side.’  Significant activities include: training preparation; test planning & resource education; a formal change communications program. 

Testing is critical, as it highlights both a system’s strengths and those areas in need of adjustment or improvement. Even under the pressure of strict deadlines and budgetary limitations, this is not the time to rush or skip over key details. A well tested solution helps ensure a smooth transition and optimal functioning of all elements of your operations. This also helps ensure that your most valuable assets—your people—are trained and confident in all operational areas.

Once any vendor has demonstrated completion of system commissioning, internal operations begin the efforts of acceptance, then move to a “crawl–walk–run” phase for operational ramp-up. 

Don’t let another peak season pass without making the upgrades your operations need to stay in step with the business’ projected growth or evolving service commitments.

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