With most of our national news being focused on politics, it is inevitable that politics would ripple out into the world of logistics and supply chain stories. This week we have links to news about exciting investments and grants, as well as updates about political appointments and a project many of us have had our eye on.

I. Walmart México, which has nearly 2,300 stores, is the country’s largest private-sector employer with 200,000 workers. This week the company announced it will invest $1.3 billion US to expand and strengthen its logistics infrastructure. According to Mexico News Daily the announcement was made at an event with President Enrique Peña Nieto at his official residence, Los Pinos. The president said the investment reflects the company’s confidence in Mexico, which he described as the principal economic engine of Latin America and one of the few economies in the hemisphere that are growing.

II. Big news for Cornell University! The University has announced they have been awarded $7 million in funding from the Department of Transportation. The award will cover five years for Cornell to lead a consortium of universities in researching and developing new transportation innovations to limit adverse impacts on public health and the environment. Other schools included in the consortium are University of California, Davis, the University of Texas at El Paso and the University of South Florida.

Senator Schumer presented the award and said in a press release, “This grant will enable Cornell University and its new transportation center to produce game-changing research on the technology that could preserve our environment and protect our communities from harmful pollutants.”

III. The New York Times has an in-depth look at Elaine Chao’s appointment as Transportation Secretary – specifically what it could mean for commercial drone use. If you have been following the drone industry and their specific asks for regulations this article will be of particular interest.

IV. Have an opinion about TPP? This “think piece” in Logistics Management is a good read – especially if you are stuck in the, “now what?” phase. Patrick Burnson, the executive editor at Logistics Management, has done a solid job in detailing what’s going on with Leaders of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and free trade alternatives for the coming year.

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