Lanternflies and Truckers

In March, Penske Truck Leasing ran a story about how the spotted lanternfly had infiltrated the United States because of the danger of the destruction of crops. WSJ picked it up at the end of June, but the report is the same. First spotted in PA in 2014 led to PA requiring training for truckers and warehouse employees. In the Penske article, they reported: “Enforcement continues to ramp up as more states, including Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, and Maryland, combine forces to stop the invasive species.” Education is the key, as they feed on nearly 60 species of plant material.

Maersk Pushing for Equal Inland Logistics Earnings

Maersk chief executive Soren Skou, on ABP – Associated British Press, in an interview reported by from The Wall St Journal, reported that he wants increased sales from non-ocean activities, “We want to do that. We want to run the warehouse, receive the goods, stuff it into containers, ship it to the U.S. and provide a data feed that says the yellow swim trunks are in that box,” Mr. Skou said. Then he explained he wants Maersk to take it out of the containers, through to the DC, getting their involvement closer to the final delivery point.

Amazon Adds Rite Aid as Drop Off Point for Delivery

Amazon announced Rite Aid would be the point of contact for packages for consumers by using their brick-and-mortar locations, the WSJ’s Sebastian Herrera reported. More than 1500 Rite Aid’s store locations will be used by the end of the year in their last-mile strategy to add another layer of competition to Walmart, Inc and Target Corporation.


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