Over the last month we’ve been reading about the trade climate and here are a few links:

  • Here’s a short story (under 3 minutes) from CNN about FedEx expects global trade disputes and fear it could severely impact their business. Currently FedEx is doing well. FedEx said it expects this peak season to be one of the busiest, however slightly profitable. The company has discussed layoffs but not how many jobs it plans to cut, but it could be as much to save $225-227 million a year. Currently, they have more than 450,000 employees worldwide, about 25,000 more jobs than it had at the beginning of Summer.
  • See what FedEx says about how trade concerns are impacting employees internationally from this piece in the Wall Street Journal (may need a subscription after so many reads a month).
  • Shanghai Business Review states: “Financial markets around the world are rallying amid signs that trade talks between China and the US are progressing. After US President Donald Trump announced that talks between Washington and Beijing were advancing, Wall Street saw huge gains. The Dow Jones rose around 1.7%, and gains were more prominent among industries firms that stand to lose the most if the trade war intensifies. In another sign of improving relations, Beijing is reportedly in the midst of rewriting its “Made in China 2025” economic policy in response to Trump’s trade threats.”
  • From CNBC: Just today this story about China and the US holding a call about trade.


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