We hope the Summer has been a good one so far for everyone. We continue to soak up the sun when we can, and enjoy friends and family. We’ve got some great reads for you to enjoy so let’s get to it:

I. Brokerage and supply chain operator AFN Logistics announced the purchase of less-than-truckload and transportation management system assets from HA Logistics Inc. to expand the buyer’s service capabilities.

II. Have you been following the politics at the Teamster Convention? Delegates supporting current President James P. Hoffa and Secretary Treasurer Ken Hall’s slate were ruthless. They shouted profanities and boos at the top of their lungs in an attempt to keep the reform Teamsters United slate’s nominations from being heard by the delegates.

III. One of the most moving stories we have read in ages: When one trucker’s depression almost took his life, he reached out to the only people he thought might understand. That’s when he found the Facebook group—a page dedicated to truckers who suffer from mental illness.

IV. There are always lots of interesting things to read and studies about sleep apnea. We appreciated the care the author took in this article – especially in recognizing that just getting a diagnosis can be impossible for those with transportation oriented jobs – for many different reasons.

Image Credit: Wikimedia User Veronica538

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