Today, Yoel Yohan from Argon & Co North America and Peter J. Sherman with Riverwood Associates are teaching a hands-on workshop called Lean Boot Camp. We’re looking forward to an update and pictures of the couple of dozen attendees who wanted to learn and successfully apply LEAN principles to their work. We’ll let you know of future Lean Boot Camps. Congrats Yoel and Peter on your success!

  • Wanted: Drivers. As companies for the U.S. oil patch are working hard (and paying well) to get their products to market, so is the demand rising for drivers. The WSJ’s Jennifer Smith and Rebecca Elliott report that the competition for qualified truckers is underway in the energy-rich corner of west Texas and New Mexico, where salaries can hit $100,000 a year for drivers. There is a growing need nationwide for the trucking industry to hire and retain drivers and as such, this may pull drivers from conventional truckload services.
  • Canada’s New Bridge. In order to safeguard billions of dollars in U.S.-Canada trade, the Canadian government is moving forward with the Gordie Howe International Bridge (as proposed) across the Detroit River, the WSJ’s Kris Maher reports, with Canada footing the bill despite rising trade tensions with the United States. About a quarter of the $675 billion in annual trade between the two countries is currently delivered over the nearly 90 year-old Ambassador Bridge. The proposed six-lane bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario, would allow for the crossing of trucks carrying alcohol and hazardous materials in addition to typical goods. Currently, those hazardous items travel by ferry because the older bridge does not have certain spill protections.
  • UPS Strike Averted? As of today, Supply Chain Management Review is reporting a replay of a costly and damaging strike by UPS Teamsters of 20 years ago is likely averted. Officials at UPS must be relieved to know there has been what they call a “handshake agreement” on a five-year labor deal that could also make Sunday deliveries a possibly. The world’s largest small package delivery service and it’s 265,000 teamsters now know the agreement – in principle – ends months of negotiation.

As of September 8, 2020, Crimson & Co (formerly The Progress Group/TPG) has rebranded as Argon & Co following the successful merger with Argon Consulting in April 2018. 

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