As the nation (and the world) prepares itself for a peaceful transfer of power, the global economy keeps on churning. We’ve got interesting reads from a few of the movers and shakers who caught our eye this week.

I. Inbound Logistics is reporting on the increase in small package volumes. Providing more choices for consumers has created more successes for retailers of all sizes. Retailers are adopting a variety of supply chain practices that allow them to serve both brick-and-mortar facilities and an ever-increasing base of online customers. Corey Weekes, supply chain director for Hudson’s Bay Company, shares, “The scope of change and supply chain impact cannot be underestimated.”

II. Something to keep your eye on: aluminum. The U.S. has filed a World Trade Organization complaint regarding aluminum subsidies in China. This could have a far-reaching effect within foreign trade. Beijing is being accused of artificially expanding its global market share with cheap state-directed loans and subsidized energy. According to Reuters, “The pending complaint follows an October request for a WTO case against China’s aluminum trade practices by six U.S. senators concerned about 15,000 lost jobs in the sector in recent years.”

III. Lowes is changing their store staffing model. CNBC reports, “the new staffing model will be implemented nationwide and is aimed at freeing up resources to boost face time with customers as the retailer adapts to evolving customer needs.” A side-effect of this change will be a layoff of “less than 1 percent” of their employees.

IV. Exciting changes for Walgreens customers: the drugstore chain has partnered with FedEx. Customers can now not only ship from Walgreens but also arrange to receive shipments there, providing convenience for those unable to receive packages at home or at work. Supply Chain Dive says Walgreens is aiming to multiply FedEx access points to 8,000 sites by 2018.

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