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I. DHL, Airbus, and Astrobotic to deliver supply chain on the moon — YES! The moon!

DHL will provide logistics services for Astrobotic’s spacecraft and its customer payloads, and will make sure that all materials for the new lunar lander as well as the ‘space freight’ will arrive safe and on time to begin their journey to the Moon.

II. Great update on the Dynamo accelerator program in Chattanooga. It took several rounds of cuts to establish the final list of participants. Among the 10 accepted into the program are representatives from the United Kingdom, Ireland and Mexico.For the next 12 weeks, the 10 carefully-selected teams will try to solve the world’s transportation and logistics problems.

III. Let us know what you think of this opinion piece on Mexico transportation and logistics. From the article, “logistics in Mexico currently costs 20% more than in the United States. Although Mexico has improved its highway infrastructure in the last 10 years, many of these roads have tolls, driving up the cost of transportation.”

IVProgistics Distribution, a third-party logistics firm based in Oakland, California, has launched a web app to assist businesses with last-mile delivery. The product, called eDEMAND, is designed to make the management of drivers, vehicles and destinations easier for retail, e-commerce, small-package and bulk-shipment companies

Image Credit: Progistics Distribution

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