So, by now you’ve heard about this news… Argon Consulting and Crimson & Co have merged to create a leading international consulting firm. Read about it here in a press release that came out last week. You’ll also note a few slight changes have been made on our site to reflect an office in Paris.

Summer is finally here in Atlanta and we are busy! We are speaking with a lot of people from companies we’ve worked with in the past as well as new contacts that have come to us through marketing, referrals and new business development. If you’d like to speak to someone with our organization about an upcoming project, contact Bruce Strahan.


Scott Mullennix, who has written here before, provides us with a lot of news for us to share and we wanted to thank him! He’s great about reading through a lot of material and pulling out things that will be of interested to you and others.

  • Check out this post by Ravikant Parvataneni, CEO of our India office. He shared this article on LinkedIn on the Science Behind Warehouse Design. Go read and share what he wrote in a brief piece, “…As far as internal design is concerned, a well-designed DC would consider streamlined flows, adequate storage for different kinds of merchandise, optimal space ratio of storage versus staging, etc. Systems and processes which ensure that the number of touches by the time a carton is loaded into the truck is the lowest. Ease of picking for one order versus a combination of orders along with ability to sort for a large number of customers, are other factors which influence the design of the facility.”
  • Wall Street Journal Logistics News reported this on April 20th that a longtime fuel discount in distribution in distribution channels may be ending.  “Oil prices are hitting their highest levels in more than three years amid tightening U.S. inventories. Although prices have pulled back a bit since mid-week, WSJ’s Alison Sider and Sarah McFarlane write that rising demand in a growing global economy could push them still higher. So could the potential extension of a pact to cut production by major oil exporters who are meeting this week to discuss compliance with the agreement. Fuel prices are becoming an increasingly important factor in shipping costs. The average U.S. price of $3.104 per gallon hasn’t been as high since January 2015. And bunker prices for carriers are near highest levels of the past year, close to $400 per metric ton in Singapore.”
  • UPS may have to deliver larger items like furniture as online sales increase.
  • Technology in the warehouse is starting to look a little more like electronics at home. Companies are beginning to use apps and smartphones to lure younger workers who are used to technology – having grown up with a technology in their hands. Will emojis become a part of daily life for some businesses? Some think so. Phoebe Rockwood, product manager at Flexport said, “You’re not reading a number, you’re looking for an emoji,”… “And they’re recognizable because they’re used all the time—these are symbols we’re all familiar with.”

NUMBER OF THE DAY (from WSJ) 7.2% Year-over-year increase in the Cass Information Systems Inc. index for truckload costs in March, the largest increase since January 2015.


As of September 8, 2020, Crimson & Co (formerly The Progress Group/TPG) has rebranded as Argon & Co following the successful merger with Argon Consulting in April 2018. 

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