We are very much into the holidays and we know things will not slow down between now and the New Year for some. Even so, our clients are keeping us busy planning for the next few years ahead. Take a look at our PEAK SEASON articles from the past…

  • Big-rig orders on the rise with shipping demands. the Wall Street Journal report that companies are increasing their orders anticipating that 2018 will require a larger fleet. Companies order 32,900 Class B trucks, which are used on long-haul trips, says ACT Research. This is up about 70% from a year earlier. The last two months were also the strongest since the start of 2015.
  • Group News Editor of Logistics Management reported yesterday that when Donald Trump was elected President last year, there was a lot of concern about his administration’s plans for NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) because while he was campaigning he said that NAFTA could go away entirely. A year later, NAFTA is still here, but it also comes with various uncertainties as the United States and its NAFTA trade partners.
  • Every once in a while it’s good to look at the statistics what is going on in retail. Here, The Balance, says sales are increasing almost 5 percent. We know consumers will always want brick-and-mortar stores, but we sure to except online choices. They report, “They must use a combination of branding, service, and pricing to convince shoppers to get dressed, get in their cars and drive to pick up merchandise. As a result, retailers are less likely to build new stores. That hurts commercial real estate, neighborhood shopping centers, and jobs. The other technological shift will occur in the years to come. 3D printing allows people to print small plastic and metal toys and other objects.”


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