We hope you had a good and safe Halloween last night. Fall is barely here and we’re hearing of snow up north and the midwest.

  • The Wall Street Journal had a report in their recap from yesterday that the competition is already steep for this holiday’s shopping and shipping for returns. UPS has announced an online return system for eCommerce businesses. Analysts say almost one-third third of internet purchases are returned, which is three times the returns for purchases made in-store. Retailers have strategize ways to get consumers into their physical locations to return online purchases, to encourage those people to make more purchases. brick-and-mortar stores have focused more on getting holiday shoppers to return online purchases to stores to help trigger more in-store sales and reduce the high costs of dealing with returns. Kohl’s Corp. made a deal with Amazon.com Inc. to allow buyers to bring Amazon purchases a back to Kohl’s sites, meaning there is multichannel strategizing.
  • Speaking of shipping, here is information from Multichannel Merchant on changes on shipping or FedEx and UPS shippers.
  • A report out last week about warehouse space is out… and apparently demand is high and vacancies are low. See all of the numbers here on Supply Chain Digest.
  • Education on your own time? We found this little gold mine of fairly short YouTube videos from Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute. They have everything from lean warehouses, packaging’s impact, production, international logistics, supply and demand planning and more. Sure, they are pushing their courses, but these are good overviews, especially someone who is looking at the industry to get into, or someone who is looking for further education.

Our thoughts are with those in New York impacted by the events of last night.

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