While we’re working on some marketing campaigns to make sure we share want we need to when you need it, we’re sharing some articles here about technology.

  • I had only considered the eclipse would impact a school day and work day (some people taking trips to see it and/or be in the path of totality) and not greatly the shipping industry but it was reported by Wall Street Journal that some companies did in fact reroute trucks around potentially busy spots before and after the eclipse. Traffic jams were reported on roads to totality and more so on roads after the eclipse. Did it cost businesses just through the distraction, as mentioned in this article?
  • IBM, Walmart and other large grocery players are embarking on the use of technology to help with the global blockchain in food supply. Business Insider reports, “In the food supply context, a blockchain could be used to keep track of every single thing that happens to individual or groups of food products. That could make it easier to find out where a shipment of a particular product has been, say, or at what point in the supply chain it was contaminated. Such information could potentially prevent major outbreaks of foodborne illnesses.”
  • Well… it was bound to happen, right? Supply Chain 24/7 reports that Google and Walmart are entering into a partnership, to help compete with Amazon. The partnership with Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and Walmart will allow consumers to use  voice-activated device Google Home, the Google Express app or its Website to order products. In hope to close delivery times and make the consumer experience better, allowing technology to be the keeper of their previous orders to make life easier!

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