We are moments away from the holidays and the end of 2016. We wish you, and all you love, good tidings and peace. Let’s take a look at some news stories of interest from this week:

I. UPS has a plan to profit from excess inventory and returned inventory. In a press release, it was announced that the shipping company has invested in Optoro. According to the press release, the partnership between Optoro and UPS will provide, “ a one-stop shop solution for retailers and manufacturers to optimize the transportation and disposition of returned and excess inventory.” Optoro has raised over $30 million in series D funding.

II. Merk, the German pharmaceutical company, has announced their plans to create an autonomous supply operation. Their plan is to deploy sensors, coupled with a machine learning program, to improve agility in its inventory and distribution processes. Supply Chain Drive has some keen insights on the difference agile demand planning can make.

III. Uber was all over the news this week after it was revealed that the California Department of Motor Vehicles had revoked the registration of 16 cars in their self-driving fleet. The regulator said the vehicles lacked the proper permits. Arizona, however, does not require any special permits for self-driving cars – so we bet you can guess where Uber has shipped their vehicles! An Uber spokeswoman said, “Our cars departed for Arizona this morning by truck. We’ll be expanding our self-driving pilot there in the next few weeks.”

IV. Christmas has come early for Chicago’s O’Hare airport. Phase two of the brand new, state of the art, cargo center, has begun. Construction on the $220 million dollar project began three years ago and is expected to be complete early next year. Mayor Rahm Emanuel debuted the first completed section of the facility earlier this week and he told the crowd:

“This investment, and the jobs that come with it, will allow Chicago to actually fight in its weight class in terms of what we can do with economic growth.”

Image Credit: Dllu via Wikimedia

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