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I. Everyone seems to have Panama Canal fever! Despite build issues and setbacks, enthusiasm for the project is at a high. When the lock opens there will be instant gains: larger ships, increase in trade, and everything will be cheaper by the ton. Bloomberg News breaks down all the wins we have to look forward to.

II. White Paper Download: “Are your distribution and logistics systems designed to meet today’s high expectation consumer market? In today’s market, a push and pull-based distribution strategy that’s responsive to omnichannel needs is not built on traditional distribution and logistics systems. It requires a new breed of technology that meets today’s needs while remaining nimble for future market demands.”

III. Transportation and technology are going to be headlines for a very long time. Techcrunch suggests we should all make investments in smart transport NOW and we can expect big returns.

IV. FedEx and TNT merger is officially, well, official. We all knew it was coming, but a delay in China’s regulations put a slow down on things. The $4.8 billion dollar deal is said to mean better delivery in Europe.

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Image Credit: The famous Culebra Cut, Panama Canal, 1907, from the United States Library of Congress’s Prints and Photographs division

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