We are talking jobs in our industry this week because of one of our hometown  top companies in Atlanta announced layoffs this week.

I. There are statistics on Logisticians: Occupational Outlook available ongoing from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the growth between 2014-2024 is what they consider on the low side, there are still gains. And another story below addresses the redistribution of jobs from brick and mortar to online jobs in eCommerce, so perhaps it isn’t as bleak as statistics make it sound.

II. Since we’re based in Atlanta, the home of Coca-Cola, we were especially sorry to read about their estimated 1,200 jobs to be cut because of a sales slump as reported by CNN Money this week. It’s reported that the health concerns of surgery drinks as well as artificial sweeteners have caused an estimated 11% decline in sales from a year ago. They employ 100,000 employees worldwide.

IV. Here’s an interesting look at the projected 8,000 retail stores closing and job losses. However, “The reduction in the growth of retail jobs should also concern us. In their Market Watch Column, Jeff Harbaugh & Associates say, “I have no idea what’s going to replace them though historically, jobs have always come from new, unanticipated places. And a lot of these people are our prime customers.” A handy chart from the WSJ easily conveys the retailers with stores closing and employment losses.

Related, we have been recently reporting that there is a climb in eCommerce, so perhaps the growth in this area will make up for the reduction in brick and mortar locations.

IV. Speaking of education and jobs in supply chain and logistics here’s a 2017 list of colleges that offer degrees in logistics, materials and supply chain management. They list tuition – in state and out-of-state – and acceptance rates. They’re touting more schools but here is a list of reasons to earn a degree in logistics.

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