Is it Winter, is it Spring? We’re not sure either. We know that many people both personally and professionally are impacted by the “Nor’easter” (meaning of Nor’easter here) weather system. We’ve heard about delivery concerns and of course, issues, as the weather impacts all modes of transportation in some areas. Stay safe while your on the roads!

I. Since weather is on the minds of nearly every newscaster and every shipping/delivery company AND many of our clients, here’s a recap from Logistics Management and weather alerts. They’ll be updating it regularly if you’d like to keep abreast over the next few days. One thing for sure is that company management all over the northeast are watching the news, making adjustments and using their plans they (hopefully) have in place.

II. Speaking of nature throwing business into a crisis mode, have you checked the readiness of your company for a natural disaster? What is your company’s plan?  Here are three general ways to prepare your business… Safety, IT/Communications and Everything Else from The Business Journals.

III. Speaking of delivery, start-up in 2013 Bringg – a delivery management platform, raised $10 million dollars in its second funding round, founded by Raanan Cohen, former founder and CEO of MobileMax; and Lior Sion, previously the CTO of Gett and “Amazon and Uber have pushed the customer expectations to levels we’ve never seen before,” says Sion. “For consumers, it’s now very weird if we order something and it takes a week to come, and we don’t know exactly when it’s coming. The experience is very uncomfortable.”

IV. DC Velocity reports that industry technology provider HighJump Software Inc. acquired voice-directed picking technology vendor Vitech Business Group Inc.recently in a quiet deal to grow the organization. HighJump bought Vitech for which the deal expands HighJump’s business in providing voice-directed picking technologies through its partnerships.

As of September 8, 2020, Crimson & Co (formerly The Progress Group/TPG) has rebranded as Argon & Co following the successful merger with Argon Consulting in April 2018. 

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