We hope you and your family had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. We have some great reads for you to enjoy as we close out November 2016.

I. UK grocer, Ocado, has made news across the pond for its automated warehouses. The company has over 20 different warehouses all over Britain and they are all heralded as being very advanced with tech. Their new warehouses are about to be even more advanced. Ocado has announced its plan to develop a 4G-based wireless protocol used to control the robots powering its new warehouses. The smart protocol marks the first deployment from around the world to use the unlicensed 4G spectrum for warehouse automation. Watch their warehouse in action.

II. Port Everglades is pursuing expansion plans, including dredging to deepen and widen its shipping channels and the lengthening of a turn-around area to permit five new cargo berths. The port is also looking to build a warehouse of about 250,000 square feet with an attached office building on a 16.7-acre site west of McIntosh Road. A team of developers has proposed such a deal and the county commission will vote on whether to bypass a process to consider other offers and set up public hearings to discuss the deal.

III. Korea JoongAng Daily has an interesting piece on technology and logistics. From the article,

“Artificial intelligence can come in handy in the logistics sector, especially in emergency situations such as ship or truck accidents. AI helps make deliverers make instant onsite decisions on optimal routes and transportation methods.”

IV. We enjoyed this piece in the Arizona Republic spotlighting the role quality logistics played in a successful Thanksgiving meal delivery program this week. From the article,

“The drive-up distribution area on Wednesday was like a NASCAR pit stop, with six rows of traffic. Six cars would pull up in front of volunteers, who had a minute a half to load it up. Volunteers raced pre-loaded shopping carts with donated meals, loaded the cars up and shot drivers a quick thumbs up Wednesday. New cars quickly filled their place. The event is so organized, St. Mary’s hires a logistics planner to map out the distribution each year, even taking into consideration things like car breakdowns.”

Photo Credit: Rex via The Telegraph

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