The many industries and markets involved with supply chains and logistics have been discussing the effects, if any, President-elect Donald Trump will have on regulations and trade deals. Your favorite logistics blogs will have many think pieces in the coming weeks. Here are a few (non-partisan!) links for your reading enjoyment:

I.  Supply Chain Management Review has an excellent blog post about learning from the mistakes recently seen from several high-profile companies. Going through a supply chain recall can be BRUTAL, any everyone can learn from each other within the industry. SCMR’s Michael Gravier has some outstanding and practical advice gleaned from the likes of recent incidents with Samsung and Volkswagen.

II. Cuts are coming at GM. General Motors plans to lay off 2,000 employees at two U.S. auto plants in early 2017, the automaker said on Wednesday. Fortune says, “the furlough is a response to what the company believes will be a continued shift from cars to crossovers and trucks.” On the flip side of this announcement, GM says it will be investing over $900 million in future products.

III. Chris Spear, the newly-installed president and CEO of the American Trucking Associations, shares how much the trucking industry appreciates veterans. Spear says, “In our armed forces, our service men and women routinely display character, commitment and other qualities our members tell us they look for when they are hiring drivers, technicians and other staff.”

IV. U.S. railroads will have to comply with new mandatory drug and alcohol testing rules next year. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The rule brings maintenance-of-way workers—the crews who maintain and repair the rails, stone ballast and machinery of freight and passenger railroads—under the same federal drug-testing regimen that applies to other critical workers such as train engineers, conductors and dispatchers.”

Image Credit: Citroën assembly line in 1918

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