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I. Have you heard about the Dynamo Accelerator? You will soon! According to their website: “Dynamo is a mentor-driven innovation program, specializing in logistics, transportation, and supply chain startups. Created by some of the loudest and most passionate leaders in the industry and supported by enthusiastic partners, we are ready to conquer the world. But first, one of the world’s largest industries.”

II. American Trucking Associations revealed the official 2016 National Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo and announced key sponsors for the weeklong celebration in September.

III. Six of the eight ocean carriers who were not part of the massive carrier merger last month (the one that begat the OCEAN alliance) have now merged and created their own alliance. The new alliance is called…wait for it…wait for it…THE Alliance. (yes. THE is all caps) Read more about the side eyes and shade happening in the world of ocean carrier alliances in the Global Trade Mag.

IV. New rules for verified container weights go into effect in July and Congress is looking to the US Coast Guard to help clarify. Recycling Today takes a look at what this means in greater detail.

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