We are swiftly approaching holiday shipping season. There will be more trucks on the road, ships in the water, cars on the trains – and someone, somewhere, is handling the logistics and management.

I. The expansion of the Panama Canal tripled its size which means more items and goods can be shipped through. Inbound Logistics takes a look at what some of the long-term effects of this expansion could mean, “The Panama Canal expansion has not occurred in a vacuum and, coupled with recent trends, has the potential to gradually shift some American shipping from the U.S. West Coast to the East Coast.”

II. We are all familiar with the concept of “I want it, and I want it NOW.” Usually, when it comes to shipping, it is understood that there will be some time involved. However, the evolution of fast deliveries is swiftly changing things to match our fantasy expectations. According to a report in Logistics Management, “ As the trend toward buying goods online increases, so too does the desire to receive the ordered products as soon as possible. The market for same-day and instant delivery will account for around 20 percent of standard parcel revenue by 2025. Currently, the market share of same-day and instant delivery is less than one percent.”

III. What happens when manufacturing companies need employees with tech backgrounds? Turns out the hiring process can be a bit of a challenge or stall out. According to Supply Chain Digest, top software talent isn’t that wild about going to work for manufacturers. Andrew Dugenske, director of the Factory Information Systems Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, shares, “Students are very interested in working for companies where they see a lot of upside potential. For manufacturing, it’s a bit challenging for companies to hire them at times because of the salaries that those [tech] companies are able to offer students.”

IV. What’s a great way to become a full-time employee in an Amazon warehouse? According to Ashley Robinson, a spokesperson for Amazon, the ideal way is to jump in now as a seasonal/ holiday staff. “It’s a way for us to find high-quality workers. So we expect thousands of those positions to stay on in full-time rolls.” Last year Amazon retained just over 14% of their seasonal employees.

Image Credit: Stan Shebs

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