This week we have several interesting links focused on the future of logistics. We muse on what a giant corporation’s next movie might be, spotlight results from the 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study, and fill you in on why the Marines recently visited a UPS distribution center.

I. Could you be who Amazon is looking for? Or are they even looking? According to Forbes, the retail giant may be in the market for a logistics partner. Paul Martyn has been examining the recent behavior of the company and believes the building out of its logistics capacities is a signal to a play. “What if Amazon actually wants to rid itself of the pretense and make a win/win logistics deal with a trusted partner?”

II. Have you heard the rumor about Detroit? DC Velocity says they have heard through the grapevine that many are looking to turn the Michigan city into a logistics hub. Mark Solomon does an outstanding job of evaluating the pros and cons of appointing Detroit the next great epi-center for transportation and logistics.

Detroit sits at the nexus of U.S.-Canada trade, with its proximity to Toronto, considered the gateway to Canadian commerce. It is located near four of the five Great Lakes as well as the U.S. transcontinental railroad system that connects with Great Lakes port traffic.” Solomon also takes a look at how the city’s history with the auto industry could be a huge asset.

III. Global Trade Magazine is dissecting the results of the “2017 21st Annual Third-Party Logistics Study” by Capgemini Consulting, Penn State University, and Penske Logistics. Technology and data-driven technology were big elements of the study. Tom McKenna, Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology for Penske Logistics shares, “Among the biggest challenges that come with increased visibility and more data is determining how to best use that information to drive improvements that benefit the customer.”

IV. The Marines are in need of advice and they are turning to companies like UPS and FedEx for it. The deputy commandant of installations and logistics took his team to the UPS Global Logistics Distribution Center in Kentucky. “They and FedEx both are extremely efficient in how they package, move, and take care of their workforce,” Lt. Gen. Michael Dana said in an interview with Marine Corps Times. Find out what else what other logistic elements the Marines made note of.

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