Our links today all fall under the umbrella of the word: growth. Some of the growth is exciting, as is the case with the a new build happening in Seattle. Some, like the TPP, is a growth many people still question. We also spotlight the growth of a startup and share some insights from a distribution center survey.

I. Prologis has everyone in the states talking about the construction of their new warehouse in Seattle. What makes the build so special? It’s a multi-level warehouse. As Manufacturing points out, “Rents at Prologis’ Seattle facility could cost up to 50 percent more than space at a conventional warehouses, but tenants could make up that cost by cutting down the distance between their operations and their delivery destinations, analysts said.” These warehouses are very common overseas in places like Japan and Singapore.

II. The food delivery business is not one that was on an upswing, which is why many are congratulating Postmates Inc. for raising $141 million in a financing round led by Founders Fund. co-founder and chief executive officer, Bastian Lehmann, shares: “Nobody ever promised me a billion-dollar valuation, so I feel good. It kind of reflects where the market is right now. It is not as disappointing as some people try to draw the picture.”

III. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is making a new push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership by arguing that failure to approve the multi-nation pact could leave U.S. exporters losing critical business to China. White House economist Jason Furman told the WSJ, “China and other countries would move forward, would conclude agreements, and it would be easier for them to export with each other.”

IV. Supply Chain 247 has the results of their 2016 Warehouse & Distribution Center (DC) Operations Survey. Contributing editor Roberto Michel offers, “It’s encouraging news across the board. From tweaking operational processes, to tapping labor as a means of flexing capacity, to incrementally applying more technology, the survey clearly indicates that respondents have taken action and are confronting the complexities of omni-channel fulfillment.”

Image Credit: Prologis

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