The Summer is winding down and yet we still can’t escape the heat! Take a moment to cool down and click through these links we found for you.

I. Bringing technology into logistics can often be a chore, but the creators behind the ProGlove seem to be bringing a gaming element that may make things fun. The ProGlove is an electronic glove with a built-in scanner designed to improve work in logistics. Skoda Auto put the glove through a series of tests and is now considering using it to help improve their logistics. Jiri Cee, head of the Skoda Brand, says, “At Skoda, we therefore continuously test cutting-edge technology in order to improve the day-to-day work of our employees. The intelligent ProGlove helps our team to work more quickly, more efficiently and with virtually no errors.”

II. Have you ever pondered about the logistics involved in humanitarian aid? When disasters happen in the world many logistic and supply chain companies feel moved to help. American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN) was created in the wake of Hurricane Katrina as a way to quickly get supplies where they are needed most. Kathy Fultan, executive director of ALAN, elaborates, “We were formed by several supply-chain associations to serve as their philanthropic arm.” Global Trade Magazine takes an in-depth look at ALAN and the amazing work they do around the world.

III. SHD Logistics has a great look at the importance of safe crossing points within warehouses. From the article, “Crossing points are pedestrian access areas that intersect with zones of vehicle activity. These areas are dangerous and must be properly managed in order to avoid accidents – but how?

IV. Great new infographic from Logistics Management outlining five challenges that supply chain leaders will have to overcome in order to be effective. Great imagery to share with your team when discussing the importance of technological advances and omnichannel returns.

Image Credit: ALAN aid

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