It’s been a bizarre weather week for many of us in the states. Unusually high temps, followed by a cold front (and in some places, snow). As always, our hats are off to those who are out there in the field keeping the loop of distribution going – whatever the weather! This week we are sharing a great series from 21st Century Supply chain, filling you in on a warehouse shortage issue within the U.S., celebrating a great distribution story, and passing on some details within the trucking industry.

In case you missed it, we also published a sales and marketing update and some insight on food and beverage warehouse design.

I. We like a well-written series. The 21st Century Supply Chain blog has published the final installment of their 3-part series on improving supply chain collaboration. The 3rd part focuses on the best ways to connect people and it is worth your read. It tackles the vital question, “How can you get people connecting, communicating and collaborating in real time to make optimal decisions faster?”

II. Recently we told you about the crisis of warehouse space in the UK. Turns out it’s not just a problem happening across the pond. The demand of warehouses is being felt strongly in the U.S. as well. With the continued expansion of the Port of Savannah, the pains of a dwindling square footage inventory are being felt in Georgia. Georgia Ports’ executive director Griff Lynch announced the sale of some 500 acres of property for commercial development to accommodate growing customer demand for warehousing, distribution and transload facilities near the Port of Savannah.

III. It’s always exciting when a distribution center can expand. We were especially touched by this story out of Fresno. Reading Heart was created by a young girl named Danay Ferguson. Her goal was to provide a book to every child in Fresno. Due to the success of her project she now has more room to grow. Volunteers and organizers have collected over half a million books. They plan to use the new distribution center as a place to store and manage the book collection and then eventually turn it into a place where children can visit.

IV. Need some help navigating through new regulations from our new administration? You are in luck” Overdrive Online has compiled a comprehensive look at Trump, trucking, and regulations. We are thankful for their easy to digest read of key trucking-specific happenings from the new administration in its first two weeks.

Image Credit: Reading Heart’s blog (World Record Event)

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