West coast port congestion impact

Supply Chain Dive reports that the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach have been overburdened with an influx of shipments over several months. Cargo is slow to move as ports are dealing with a more lean staff due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply Chain Dive shows charts in this article about the record impacts in Southern California.

SupplyChainBrain reported that Seattle ports offered some relief to California with their backlog.

Inland ports and their value to ports on coasts

The impact of the pandemic- not surprisingly – has impacted the supply chain and consultancy business. SupplyChainBrain reported on how inland ports could ease the backlog on coastal ports. The industry is forced to look at ways to build an infrastructure for the future, including considering how inland ports can assist connectivity.

“We’re operating in a speed-to-market environment, where getting the product to the consumer “yesterday” is often the directive. The goal is to get products in and out through a variety of transportation channels as quickly and efficiently as possible. Therefore, being located near the main arteries of any region is key.”

The pandemic forces online learning for manufacturers

Manufacturing USA reported last month that The National Association of Manufacturers estimates that by 2028 they will need to fill 4.6 million jobs. For current jobs open and well as recruiting workers into future manufacturing roles is more important than ever, even as learning has turned online.


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