Supply chain leaders divided on managing sales inventory

According to an article by Supply Chain Dive, many industries’ sales have been steadily increasing while their inventory growth has remained steady, or in some cases, declined. While inventory has remained a constant concern for businesses, how they’re choosing to manage the challenge has differed. Some businesses are lengthening lead times, while others are changing ports. Many still believe that lean inventories are effective despite the issues caused by the practice.

“Supply chains are truly divided on how to move forward from here. A recent survey from Gartner found that 44% of supply chain professionals have plans to invest in increased inventory over the next two years, while 46% have no such plans.”

Amazon warehouse employees more likely to suffer injuries on the job

A recent study of workplace safety data determined that Amazon warehouse workers suffered serious injuries at an almost 80% higher rate than others in the industry. Their injuries were also more severe. Amazon has put several measures in place to support its workers such as offering tips on health and fitness and a mindfulness program.

“The SOC characterised the report as an “epidemic of workplace injuries”. In a statement, Amazon said it invested more than $1bn (£705.9m) in work place safety last year, growing its safety team to more than 6,200 people.”

Leveraging data is a dividing line for logistics industry success

According to Logistics Management, data use is separating leaders in the logistics and supply chain industries from the rest of the pack. As big data and technology continue to advance, executives find themselves challenged to handle and apply IT in a way that benefits their businesses.

“Decisions on how to ingest, store and secure the data are crucial to setting up the right framework for success. Data needs to be captured in real-time—and analog/on-prem solutions create a latency issue that hampers critical decisioning.”


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