Worker shortage affects supply chain

Some markets have bounced back faster than expected in the aftermath of the pandemic. As job openings continue to appear across the country, some industries are having trouble filling out their workforce. As the logistics industry continues to rebound, they have found themselves facing a shortage of truck drivers and warehouse workers.

“Finding those workers remains tough for a variety of reasons, including the federal government’s expanded unemployment insurance benefits, lingering fears of contracting Covid-19, and the need for some workers to care for children who are still in remote schooling, Allen explained.”

2020 in review, the new and old challenges facing the logistics industry

According to Logistics Management, the pandemic will have a lasting effect on the logistics and supply chain industry and this might not be a bad thing. There are certainly new challenges to be faced, like the steady increase in eCommerce and the necessary adaptions required to fulfill the new levels of demand. However, there are also many improvements. While increased imports are still challenging ports, 2020 now has the reputation as “the Peak season of all time.” As adjustments continue to be made to the industry, it will likely result in more innovation and an overall more efficient, sustainable process.

Colonial Pipeline shut down by cyberattack

Colonial Pipeline is one of the largest gasoline delivery pipelines in the US. Over was hit with a ransomware attack that resulted in over 5,000 miles of the pipeline (roughly 45% of the East Coast fuel supply) being closed down.

“The company said it had shut the pipeline itself, a precautionary act, apparently for fear that the hackers might have obtained information that would enable them to attack susceptible parts of the pipeline.”

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Supply chain and logistics recap

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