Autonomous lift trucks can help offset challenges caused by the lack of human resources

With demand at a constant increase, many companies are facing challenges caused by a lack of manual labor. One way to handle this challenge is to automate the more repetitive, less nuanced aspects of fulfillment operations. Logistics Management reports that Autonomous lift trucks are not new, but they experienced a 30% increase in sales over the last year and this trend is likely to continue as more companies embrace automation.

“An operation can look to optimize the use of manually operated assets via means like virtual training tools; use telematics and fleet software to connect and learn from how assets are used; and in some cases, support fully automated workflows…”

Supply chain experts discuss the changes they expect to see after COVID-19

According to a roundtable discussion by industry insiders hosted by Business Insider, the pandemic highlighted the nature of the supply chain as well as its weaknesses. COVID-19 shifted the nature of the global supply chain into the public light, bringing issues such as supply vs demand, environmental sustainability, and worker’s rights into public conversation. Challenges such as the increase in eCommerce and the pros and cons of the globally entwined nature of supply chains will need innovative and socially conscious solutions.

“’For instance, early in the pandemic, there was a survey done in the US showing 87% of consumers did not want to buy product from companies that did not keep their workers safe. We’ve never seen sentiments like this before, and it’s very healthy and good. It’s forcing the corporations to think differently about their supply chain in a very healthy manner. In any crisis, there’s a silver lining, and I think that’s it.’”

Canada’s 3PL market expected to reach $3 billion by 2027

 An Allied Market Research report highlights the many factors affecting the growth of Canada’s 3PL market. IT solutions, adopting multi-mode systems, and strategic partnerships are expected to have a positive effect on the market. Whereas the logistical challenges, weak financial performance, and insufficient health safety measures are some of the factors that negatively affected market growth.

“The Canada 3PL market is segmented on the basis of mode of transportation and type. Based on type, the health and nutrition segment held the largest share in 2019, accounting for nearly half of the market. However, the beauty and cosmetics segment is estimated to manifest the highest CAGR of 10.3% during the forecast period.” For information on 3PL selection, visit our series. 

SoftBank Backing Robotics Expansion in Asia

Just a quick tie-in to our robotics update from last week.

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