Global logistics market expected to increase digital transformation spending

A new report from Transparency Market Research projects that North America will lead the international logistics market in digital transformation spending. Replacing manual tasks and outdated systems with digital processes will stimulate market growth, increasing both productivity and efficiency. Digitalization will allow businesses to keep up with increasing consumer demands for faster and more reliable delivery.

“The logistics industry strives to form a complete digital, flexible, and connected supply chain optimized for e-commerce and last-mile, last-minute delivery.”


How the pandemic has affected the food supply chain

An interview by goes into the challenges faced by the grocery supply chain over the last year and the changes they have implemented to overcome them. Flexibility and modernization have been key factors in maintaining product movement as well as managing the increase in online shopping. The adoption of better technology and a commitment to greater transparency will be essential for the future growth of companies.

“Certainly the marketplace has been irrevocably transformed out of necessity, with technology supporting greater safety and convenience, contactless shopping and delivery options. E-commerce will not slow down. It is powered by technology and entirely dependent on high-quality interoperable, standardized data.”

Supply chain blocked by slowed truck manufacturing

Truck and trailer manufacturers overwhelmed by demand as the freight and fleet industry begins to recover from the pandemic. A shortage of semiconductor chips is responsible for slowing down Class 8 production, while trailer production is being slowed by the unavailability of wood flooring. With demand unlikely to decrease, manufacturers are working to fill orders as best they can.

“It’s a tough market, it could get tougher — it presents a lot of challenges,” Ake concluded. “This is a tough time, but this is a tough industry. We will work as hard as we can, as long as we can, to make it work.”


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