Wearable technology in the workplace

SupplyChainBrain has a piece out on wearable technology. The health and safety of employees is a top priority. With the pandemic at a year now, companies have been seeking innovative approaches to workplace safety, which aids in wellness and more content employees. Check out this short piece on wearable tech.

Wearhouse, distribution center equipment survey results for post-pandemic

According to their annual “Warehouse and Distribution Center (DC) Equipment Survey,” Logistics Management reports that there is hesitancy in operation’s investments due to the challenges faced last year because of COVID-19.

Respondents also expressed apprehension regarding automation, workload planning, inventory accuracy, and the availability of labor. There was, however, an increased interest in paying for software and information technology systems.

“In short, this latest survey reflects a highly challenging past year with some lingering near-term uncertainty. However, the findings also show that DC operators realize that without continued investment in DC systems and equipment over the next year or two, keeping up with fulfillment expectations, while also coping with ongoing labor scarcity, will be next to impossible.”

Target releases they had growth during the pandemic

Did COVID-19 help Target grow? Maybe. Their previous plans for sale through a “durable, scalable and sustainable business model” helped in the end.

Their holiday sales grew steadily over the last quarter of 2020. The Minneapolis-based retailer reported they, “increased revenue by more than it had in the previous 11 years combined.”

“Following years of investment to build a durable, scalable and sustainable business model, we saw record growth in 2020,” said Chief Executive Brian Cornell.



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