Restaurants facing ingredient shortages due to supply chain challenges

Reuters reports that multiple restaurants are facing product shortages this summer. From chicken wings to paper bags to french fries, restaurants are having to alter their menus due to delays in shipping and customs checks. The continued stress to the supply chain caused by the pandemic and the increase in demand as more people get vaccinated have combined to create a new wave of challenges as restaurants struggle to fulfill customers’ orders.

“If restaurants run short on core products for long enough, they “risk disappointing customers in large numbers, and that licenses them to go somewhere else,” said Barry Friends, a partner at food industry consultant Pentallect.”

New chemical logistics market report predicts 6% CAGR growth by 2026

According to Research and Markets newest report, the global chemical logistics market is set to experience growth over the next 5 years. The need for reliable logistics systems, as well as the increase in demand for sustainable solutions and practices and automation, are driving market growth.

“With the growing concerns regarding energy conservation and environment protection, chemical manufacturers are increasingly investing in cost-effective warehousing solutions that combine green practices and smart technology, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors and robotics.”

Carriers continue to struggle as global schedule reliability falls

As port congestion continues, carrier reliability falls. The most recent figures show a 35 point decrease from last May. Ships struggle to arrive on time and keep to consistent schedules with the most punctual carrier for May at 46.2% reliability. Delays are expected to continue as product demand shows no sign of decreasing.

“’There’s no shortage of demand from consumers, but there continue to be shortages of labor, equipment and shipping capacity to meet that demand,” NRF Vice President for Supply Chain and Customs Policy Jonathan Gold said in a statement earlier this month. “Supply chain disruptions, port congestion and rising shipping costs could continue to be challenges through the end of the year.’”

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