The planners of the Operations Summit have asked The Progress Group’s Paul Huppertz to speak at their conference in April 2016 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Summit is set to “Dive into the innovations, strategies and tactics you’ll need to succeed in today’s ecommerce environment. From increasing customer satisfaction to boosting productivity and cutting costs you’ll leave with answers to your top questions.” 

Paul’s specific expertise in e-Commerce operations and network design have made him a sought-after thought leader for this topic,

Making the Call on Ports: Managing Risk, Cost and Service Through Ocean Shipment Routing

Paul’s session will help attendees learn the major factors organizations should be considering when deciding what ports of entry to utilize and how fulfillment networks should be designed. In addition, the session with address what things your company should do to manage risks related to ocean shipments and to help give people an understanding of how expansion of the Panama Canal will impact port and network decisions.


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