Every so often we’re asked to train Microsoft partners/retailers who install Dynamics AX in the nuances of retail warehousing. The Progress Group has the skills needed to provide training on the Microsoft Dynamics AX warehouse management system. Steve Mulaik introduced attendees to new concepts to prepare them when they sell Dynamics AX. The Progress Group has taught classes in Seattle, Toronto, Amsterdam, Atlanta and this series a couple of months ago, at the MicroSoft Headquarters in Brussels.

We’re proud MicroSoft continues to ask us to train and we look forward to more collaborative learning opportunities.


Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail Training in action!



The Progress Group has joined global supply chain consultancy Crimson & Co. With offices in Atlanta, Mumbai, Melbourne, Singapore and London, we can guarantee our clients the same quality of best-in-class supply chain consultancy wherever it is needed


Progress isn’t just part of our name; it’s embedded in our DNA. We’re known as “pretty darn good problems solvers” for a reason.

We’ve been around for a long time. Our depth of experience and richness of knowledge means we don’t plug in a cookie-cutter solution and move on to the next client.

We focus on your business. Your processes. Your people. Your technology. Your challenges.

Your progress.

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