At the Ecommerce Summit in Columbus, OH, in April, I attended this session and was provided with ideas to maximize performance and operational efficiency throughout both front-and back-end operations. These strategies were accompanied by Tim Holody’s real-world, personal examples from his current job at Serta and the experiences and lessons he has learned over the years. One important takeaway I even remember today was the mantra: “one location per SKU and one SKU per location” that Tim heavily emphasized on. The session covered a lot of topics with practical applications, including:

  • Best practices in receiving, vendor management, QC and more, and
  • How to pay for performance can reward your top performers and reduce costs

Pop-Up DCs to the Rescue: Flexible, Economic Solutions for Peak Expansion Details

The pop-up concept is similar to that of regional fulfillment nodes, but without the cost barrier. It’s a temporary, lightweight infrastructure that can provide lower shipping costs for 1- to 2-day delivery across the country and may include an option for same-day courier delivery.

The most common use cases are:

  • Peak alleviation: diverting peak volumes in concentrated geography to alleviate the strain on the main DC
  • Event support: conduct location promotional events in major metro areas with the option for same- and next-day delivery.
  • Temporary regional node: open up regional fulfillment for as long as you want, saving shipping time and costs.

A few things to consider:

1. Temporary spaces: basic things like floor space; you want to spread your inventory out versus going up

2. Dock access and WiFi and Power: access to the internet and taking into account the network traffic

3. Supplies

4. Lightweight infrastructure

5. Assortment: systematically you need to account for:

a. SKUS eligible in that region

b. ABC movers

c. Inventory levels at each DC or store

d. Volume expectations versus previous year in that shipping zone(s)

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