Argon & Co, in collaboration with the IoT container tracking solution Safecube, hosted an interactive webinar titled “Real-time end to end shipment visibility through IoT” on Wednesday 21st April 2021.


  • Chris Cave Jones – Regional Director, Argon & Co Singapore
  • Arijit Ganguli – Principal Consultant, Argon & Co Singapore
  • Raphaël Anasthase – Head of Sales, Safecube

The webinar shared opportunities and case studies on how to improve services and reduce expenses. With high interactivity, the event encouraged participants to identify any unnecessary costs and delays in their ocean freight supply chain.

Three key topics that were covered:

  1. Real-time visibility of containers on sea and on land
  2. Condition monitoring of containers (shock, temperature, humidity)
  3. Tamper proofing of containers

Participants also had the opportunity to win a free half-day shipping assessment with Argon & Co, as well as a complimentary trial of Safecube’s Easytrack solution for three shipments.

Safecube is part of the supply chain ecosystem as a multimodal flow monitoring facilitator. With tracking solutions, the company provides a digitized supply chain with reliable, predictive, and continuous visibility intelligence.

The easy-to-use platform helps manage exceptions in a more effective way, and it provides actionable insights for smarter decisions.

Based on disruptive technologies such as IA, machine learning and IoT (Internet of Things), Safecube provides 3 solutions: IoT, track and trace, and asset tracking.

Each solution is connected to a single platform that aggregates all the tracking data, such as location, temperature, humidity and shock. This allows end-to-end tracking in real-time for complex or routine flows. Safecube provides a very precise granularity of information, high control and visibility, better anticipation and reaction in case of unforeseen events, complete independence for data capture, and condition monitoring at a high level of accuracy.

Safecube is born from a partnership between Argon & Co, Sigfox and Michelin to help the tire manufacturer regain control and accelerate their intercontinental supply chain.

To watch the full webinar, please follow this link.



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